ハンサムーHANSAMU means GOOD LOOKING in Japanese Upper material is made of real leather imported from India. Insole is EVA, soft and comfy. Casting monolithic rubber soles, 1.3 inch heel with good grip, slip resistant. The special thing that Hansamu brings is multiple sizes (6 - 11.5 U
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Hansamu leather slider - NG Black 1
キレイ - KIREI means BEAUTIFUL in Japanese With a contemporary style, elegance and a little classical, refined from leather material upscale, KIREI - a brand of shoes which well known, has always insisted his name with quality prestige and style true fashion designing. ✔️True to size, eleg
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Kirei sliders brocade LP - Brown 1

HL Women Bianco slippers - Silver

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ony Bianco is Australia’s leading fashion footwear brand that recognises that being an individual is the essence of true style. The Tony Bianco slipper signature denotes a heightened focus on superior quality and unique luxurious materials. The contemporary styling reigns supreme, inspiring
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HL Women  Bianco slippers - Silver 1
Monly is one of the brand for women, with quality prestige and style true fashion designing. The main material made from : +Premium PU leather , Canvas and Sude +Casting monolithic rubber soles + Ballet flats, Sandal
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MONLY slide on - MD023 cross straps LP Black 1