Greek-born designer Marina Rafael launched her eponymous brand in 2018. Specializing in creating high-quality handbags with unique designs. It drives luxury while contributing to a sustainable future, telling stories of heritage and excellence based on tradition. According to Marina, there are no limits to creativity. Hoping to exceed all expectations, their handbags are crafted with jewels and beautifully detailed. The Marina Raphael Chandelier Swarovski bag is a great accessory for chic parties. Chandelier Bag, constructed using thin metal to create a bucket bag shape. As each metal thread aligns vertically and horizontally. Each rectangular void is exposed and decorated with a sparkling pear-shaped Swarovski crystal. The handle is sculpted using black silk fabric, and sewn to create a "bending" effect. The bag consists of a thin metal frame wrapped in a silk basket. The removable silk basket, made of the same black satin, is located at the top. And sealed at the top with a metal of the same material. The silk basket part can be disassembled and replaced as needed. The silk-wrapped handle is also removable. The handle is sculpted using black silk fabric, and sewn to create a "bending" effect. The color of the bag is quite diverse. From simple colors like white and black to blue, pastel pink or yellow gold. marina Splendid and delicate bags are exquisitely crafted like real jewels.

Details of the Marina Raphael Chandelier Swarovski bag model:

Length: 12.7 cm. Width: 12cm. Height: 22.5 cm. Product code: RAP.02.PM07. Main Material: Satin and Swarovski. Made in Hellas. Through the article, hope you will get more useful information for yourself. In addition, you can refer to other articles on branded handbags here.