Factory outlet commits to keep customers information confidential. Please read the below information carefully to understand more about Factory outlet’s commitment for the respect and protection of the rights of the internet assessors


  1. Purpose and scale of collecting personal information:
  • Information collected  via website will help Factory Outlet:
    • Process the orders and Deliver the products to customers
    • Answer customers’ questions
    • Provide customers with new information updated from website
  • To access and use the service at, customers are requested to register their personal information (Name, Sex, Date of birth, Email, Delivery address, Cell phone, Fax number, Payment details, Payment details by cards or bank account details…). will not be responsible by law for the information provided by customers


  1. Factory Outlet will also collect information about the visit frequency including number of pages visited, number of links, clicks and other information related to the connection to Factory Outlet also  collects other information relating to Web (browser) customers use every time accessing to website including: IP address, browser type, language used, time and addresses browser


  1. Scope of using the information:
  • Provide service to customers
  • Factory outlet has the rights to pass customers’ name, cell phone number and the address to the third party (suppliers, delivery agencies…) so that they can deliver products to customers. Online payment will be processed by the international agents. Customers just provide the correct information and inform Factory Outlet  immediately in case of any changes
  • When needed, Factory Outlet can use customers information to contact customers directly in any forms: via phone, email, order, thank-you letter, technical and security information. In case customers register to receive notice emails, customers will also likely to receive regular letters mentioning about new products, services, information about the upcoming events or recruitment information
  • Factory outlet Factory outlet will reveal or provide customers’ personal information in case needed as follow: (a) when there is the request from government departments (b) when Factory outlet believes this will help Factory Outlet to protect its legitimate rights in front of law; (c) emergency and needed situation to protect personal safety rights of Factory Outlet members
  1. Information Storage time: 

Customers’ personal information will be stored until customers request to remove or customers themselves log-in and remove it. Otherwise, customers personal information in any cases will be kept confidential as per this confidentiality policy stated hereby.

  1. Address of the collector managing customers’ personal information:
  • Address: 212B/D90 Nguyen Trai St., Nguyen Cu Tring Ward, Dis.1, Ho Chi Minh city
  • Hotline: 0907374757.
  1. Means and tools to access and revise personal information: Customers can access to check their personal accounts, revise, update their personal information at any time  


  1. Commitment to Information Confidentiality:
  • When customers send their personal information to Factory outlet, customers have agreed with the terms stated above, commit to keep customers’ information confidential in any means needed to avoid the leak, the unwanted usage violation
  • However, due to the technical limitation, no data transmitted on internet has 100% security; hence, Factory Outlet cannot commit the information provided will be kept 100% secured. Factory Outlet will also not be responsible for any unwanted access to customers information when customers themselves share the information to others. In case customers disagree with the above terms, customers are advised not to send the information to Factory Outlet
  • As such, Factory Outlet advises customers to protect the information relating to password and not share to anyone.
  • If sharing computers with other people, customers should sign out and escape all the windows of the websites opening
  1. Policy change:

Factory Outlet has the rights to change the content in website without any notice in advance so as to fit with the needs of as well as customers needs and feedback. Any update to the content, Factory Outlet will revise the time and state as “Last Updated”