Super Light Japanese Doll Shoes キレイーKirei

Doll shoes - Kirei canvas flexible sole - Black suitable for all ages. The product is suitable for taking to work, going out and even dating or walking around.

Doll shoes - Kirei canvas flexible sole - Black design is simple but luxurious, feminine, so it is very popular with women. Products not only help ladies look elegant and gentle but sometimes also very personality.

Made from denim fabric, Kirei doll shoes are light, soft and comfortable to wear. The cushion is also made of Microfiber material - Breathable, anti-bacterial and deodorizing. Besides, the sole is rubber, so when walking is very smooth and also very good anti-slip.

The shoes are quite fashionable. Especially easy to coordinate with all kinds of clothes, so it is very easy to use. Guaranteed to bring you the perfect outfit and look more feminine and attractive.

キレイーKirei offers an easy and convenient way to wear your feet. Made from easy-to-clean denim fabric. Suitable for many different uses such as: Walking, going to work or coffee with friends. Especially the cushion is made of extremely soft and breathable Microfiber material.

Kirei doll Japanese shoes with flexible soles KH Black

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Brand: Kirei





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