Rain and wind are the enemy of the shoes. It rains making shoes wet and dry for a long time. This not only causes the shoe to stink, but can also irritate the skin and shorten the life of the shoe. Here are the fastest methods of drying shoes during the rainy season you should know to avoid this problem.

1. Dry the shoes with newspaper

This is the simplest and easiest way to do it that you don't need to think about or think about. This works for a wide variety of shoes, including leather.

How To: Find absorbent newspaper and roll it up into small balls. Put the rolled up newspaper pellets in your shoes so that they absorb moisture from the inside. Cover the entire shoe with another newspaper to absorb moisture from the outside, then put the shoes in a cool, dry place and wait. About 20 minutes, then replace a new layer of paper. Newspaper will absorb all the water absorbed into the shoes and help them dry naturally. When using this method, you should choose newspaper carefully to avoid white shoes or light-colored shoes stained with ink.

2. Dry the shoes with a hair dryer

This technique is simple and quick if you have a hairdryer in your home. However, this method is only used for canvas shoes, not leather shoes, hard soles or gel soles to avoid the heat from the machine damaging the shoes.

How to do it: Wet shoes should be cleaned first. Next, turn on the dryer to blow evenly over the entire shoes, so dry the inside first to dry the inside first. After getting less wet, keep in a dry place.

3. Dry the shoes with salt

This is a quick and effective shoe drying tip you should consult because salt is easy to find in the kitchen drawer.

How to do: Put a sufficient amount of salt in a heated pan to allow the salt to dry and heat up. Put the boiled salt in a sock then put the salt sock in the shoe and wait. May be repeated several times depending on how wet the shoes are. Heated salt absorbs moisture effectively and is safe for shoes.

4. Dry the shoes with rice

Drying rice shoes is easy to do but can be a bit wasteful. This method works well for all shoes, including suede shoes.

How to do it: Prepare a box that can fit the shoes to be dried. Next, put a layer of rice in the box, put the shoes in and add a layer of rice on top and close the lid. About 2 hours, the rice will absorb all the moisture in the shoes, if you want to be faster, you can pour the rice around the shoes.

5. Dry the shoes using a fan

This applies to all types of shoes, from sports shoes and leather shoes to suede and nubuck leather.

How to do it: Put a towel in front of the fan, this towel is responsible for absorbing water from the shoe during the drying process. Remove the insoles and remove all laces, if lacing shoes. Put your shoes on the towel just now so that the wind blowing from the fan can get into the shoe the most. The fan should be turned on at a moderate level at first before moving to a higher level. It will take 1-2 hours for shoes to dry depending on how wet the shoes are.

6. Dry shoes with air-conditioner

Take advantage of the air-conditioned outdoor unit to dry shoes both effectively and inexpensively. Because the air conditioner gives off heat and this heat will help the shoes dry quickly.

How to do: Shoe after treating the stain, use a hair dryer to blow briefly. Then remove all shoelaces and place shoes near the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. About 20 minutes, change sides for shoes once and take 1-2 hours for the shoes to dry.

7. Dry the shoes with a heating pad

Drying shoes with a heating pad is extremely simple but not everyone knows.

How to do it: Just insert the heating pad into the shoe and wait. Leave for a while and then check, if the shoes are still wet, replace the new piece until the shoes are drier.


  • Do not dry shoes in the sun, especially leather shoes. Sun-dried leather shoes will make the skin tighten, crack and easily tear.
  • Shoes showing signs of dampness should not be cleaned immediately, but must first be dry.
  • For cotton shoes or suede shoes, scrub the surface of your shoes with beeswax and use a gentle dryer to drain the bees and keep in a dry place. This gives the shoe a good waterproof layer and does not affect the shoe's durability.
  • Have at least one water-resistant spray on your shoes available every time the rainy season comes.

Hopefully the above methods of drying shoes will be helpful and help you get through the rainy season more easily.