Don Ed Hardy brought tattoo artistry out of the dark and into the glamorous world of fashion.
+He quickly became recognized for his incorporation of the Japanese art form and American style.
+In 2002, Hardy stepped into the fashion space when he licensed his art designs to be made into a clothing line.
+In two short years the Ed Hardy line became one of the most desired and recognizable brands of its time.
+Don Ed Hardy continues to be one of the most influential designers and his artwork has stood the test of time in the tattoo, art, and fashion world.
+ Ed Hardy shoes is the sneaker shoes with the special design for the men.

Canvas slip on - Ed Hardy 19SLR405M HNG Red White

Brand: Ed Hardy









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minh thang
minh muon tham gia mua 1 tang hp on
Reply -27/03/2018 21:12:10
Nguyễn Thị Thùy Linh
Dạ Ed Hardy chỉ có chương trình mua với giá sales ạ. Thực ra đôi này đã được giảm rất nhiều và lợi hơn chương trình mua 1 tặng 1 trước đó ạ.
Reply -28/03/2018 08:07:55
Lò Nhật Thảo Nguyên
Size 37, giao hàng từ 11h - trước 14h
Reply -19/03/2018 01:56:19
Võ Huỳnh Xuân Vy
dạ shop sẽ liên hệ với anh/chị ngay ạ.
Reply -19/03/2018 08:33:51