Bonnarue exporting to Japan shoes with the fashionable designs, eyes-catching colors and fresh.

  • Material is made of cordura fabric, resistant to dust.
  • The lining shoe is specially created to help ventilate, keeps your feet comfortable while moving.
  • The rubber outsole helps anti-slippery, sticking well on the wet road.

HNG Loafers Shoes Bonnarue Bonnarue slippery - blue

Brand: Bonnarue




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Nguyễn thị ánh tuyết
Mua giày
Reply -09/03/2018 21:20:23
Trọng Phú
Dạ chị muốn mua mẫu Canvas - Bonnarue trong hình size bao nhiêu chị ạ ^^
Reply -09/03/2018 21:23:12
Nguyễn Công Thưởng
Lien he tu van size
Reply -08/09/2017 00:50:43
Huỳnh Lê Vân
Dạ shop sẽ iên hệ với anh ngay ạ.
Reply -08/09/2017 02:28:51
Huỳnh Lê Vân
Dạ shop đã gọi cho anh nhưng điện thoại thuê bao ạ.Shop có nt cho anh,khi nào anh onl ,anh liên hệ lại giúp shop nhé.
Reply -08/09/2017 03:07:47


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