8:30 - 22:00, 5 days / week

Lunch break is 1:30 every day. The company arranges lunch break at the shop. No lunch break.

The days are off if not off to work still be charged more

Salary and Bonus

Hourly wage of VND 22,000 / person for non-English speakers and VND 25,000 / hour for English-speakers

Sales Rewards of 1-3% per month based on the total revenue you earned each month.

The average monthly salary, if calculated always, is not less than VND 9,000,000 - VND 12,000,000 / month


Online chat and online / offline sales
Care for shelves and clean products without dust, not to be short of goods on the shelves
Check the goods and enter the goods when the goods arrive


Dynamic environment for students and new graduates. Communicating in English because there is a lot of contact with international guests.

+ 200,000 VND bonus for exemplary employees who do not work late in the month, but 1 minute late will be deducted 10,000 VND

+ 200,000 VND for each book you read and shared with the team

+ 200,0000 VND outstanding employees in the month

+ Factory Outlet scholarships for employees working for 6 months or more. The company will sponsor you to study the skills you desire.

+ 13th month salary when working over 6 months

+ Performance bonus 200,000 VND / month for not violating the working regulations

+ Free accommodation support right at the company, no cost of electricity-water-air-conditioner, cost savings and time to go to work

+ There is a 30-minute lunch break every day

+ Effective long-term work of 5 years or more will be supported underwriting bank loans to buy houses.

+ Learn knowledge about footwear to support sales.


Proficient use of camera phone or mechanical and photohop.

+ Salary: 5,000,000 VND / month.
+ Do not manage working time
+ Take enough 10 products a day
+ Provided separate studio room
+ Can use the equipment in the studio
+ Register to attend the test shoot: [email protected]

Refer to the image to be reached after shooting

* Priority to you who have experience shooting fashion products. Registration documents accompanied by experience.


Discipline is above all, strictly obeying all working regulations.
Those who want to work in a stable place do not jump around.

Resumes include: resume, experience and work.

Apply before December 30, 2019: [email protected] please specify the location of the warehouse when applying.

*** In a 1-week probationary period, if you take a break, you will not be paid In addition, you can arrange shift work for each other, as long as there are enough people in a shift. In addition, because during the working process, many employees voluntarily quit, so in the labor contract, there is an additional provision between 10% of monthly salary and 1% interest payment per month, this amount will be refunded later. when employees leave and have 30 days notice. This provision does not apply to probation employees.