Please read the below carefully


Change Size : From the purchase date printed on the bill, customers living in Ho Chi Minh city and Ca Mau province are allowed to change the size once within 3 days; 15 days applied for those living in provinces outside Ho Chi Minh city (customers are considered to live in provinces or not depending on the address provided by customers). Customers are allowed to change size as long as the products are still in good condition (no scratch, no deform/distortion or being unclean). And customers are allowed to change size only (not to change to different colors or styles). Only when the size at the shop is unavailable, are customers allowed to change to different colors or styles (Note: The size here means: for male shoes size 39-46; for female shoes size 35-39).

Customers have to pay more for the difference if they change to products having the higher value; however, in case they change to products having lower value they are not returned the difference or converted the difference to products. Exchange products, gifts are not applied to any promotions. In case, sizes of the products are available at the shop and customers still insist to change to different colors/styles, customers have to pay the fee of 10% of the purchased products after the discount deduction. Note: Apply the selling price to the product customers want to change to if the bill is “Buy 1 Free 1” promotion. Apply the sale price to the product customers want to change to if the bill is “Buy 2 Free 1” or is when purchasing 1 product.

Warranty policy: 12 months warranty of glue-sole-thread for men's leather shoes, women's leather shoes and sport shoes; 6 months warranty for PU shoes. Warranty for thread (not applied for decoration thread), glue at open sole, sole that comes out. No warranty for leather or any defect of leather. Warranty lead-time is 8 days since the time the product is brought to the shop (not counting Saturday and Sunday in the lead-time) as long as the product is confirmed to be the product purchased at the shop and having customers’ information in the system.

Apply 3 months warranty for clothes in terms of threads and buttons. Customers are allowed to change to the new clothes if the clothes purchased come to discoloration after 3 wash. Please be alert to not wash together with white clothes. You are allowed to change to different colors and styles having same value within 7 days from the day you bring your purchased products to the shop for the warranty if the products run out of stocks. No warranty applied for caps, socks, shoe insoles, cosmetics, underwear, male/baby plastic slippers, kid back-pack.